This farm is located in winder.its a small town in balochistan province.Its is approximately 70km far from karachi
 This is water storage for irrigation.The system used is underground boring.Water is clean,pure and acceptable for irrigation.
 these are chikoo trees,advantage is that it does not demand too much water. Irrigation even after a gap of 10 to 15 days in this season is sufficient. This interval can be extended to 30 days in winter. The chikoo plant is also not fussy when it comes to soil type. It can be grown under rain-fed conditions too.
The chikoo tree gives two crops in a year and the flowering continues almost throughout the year.

This is tamrind tree.It can withstand drastic conditions.The tree tolerates a great diversity of soil types, from deep alluvial soil to rocky land and porous, oolitic limestone. It withstands salt spray and can be planted fairly close to the seashore.
This is a wheat field which has been harvested.This crop basically demands heavily rainfed areas,as this area is not rainfed bUt the water available here fulfill its demand.


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